Phase 1 participants graduating and data collection nearing completion

13 May 2019

Starting in March 2019, and after one year of interviews, our participants from phase 1 of the Canadian financial diaries research project are beginning to graduate! Upon graduating we ask our participants what, if anything, they have learned during the process, and what recommendations they have for us to improve the process for phase 2. So far we are finding that participants are learning a lot from the diaries process, like the importance of being mindful of their finances, and the importance of distinguishing needs from wants. Participants have enjoyed building a connection with our interviewers around their finances and shared with us that this would be important for the success of phase 2.

The graduation process will go on through October as participants joined the project from March through October 2018. In total we have worked with close to 30 people and most have completed the full 12 month process.

We are working diligently with our data entry and cleaning and transcribing our qualitative interviews.

Attached here is a report that summarizes our research process.

Our goal is to begin the analysis of phase 1 data by the end of the year.



May 2019

Spring time has been busy for the diaries team. We were grateful to have Joshua Richert spend his CMU practicum placement with the team. He took over interviewing some of our participants and completed a pilot qualitative analysis.

We are pleased that Isha Himani has joined the team to guide our quantitative data entry and cleaning.

We continue to enjoy research assistance from Jodi Dueck-Read and Maya Janzen.


10 December 2018

We are pleased to share that our field research team now includes Jodi Dueck-Read (Senior RA), Maya Janzen (RA, Interviewer), Joy Frederick (RA, Quant.), & Erin Gietz (RA, Data input).


28 June 2018

The research team is looking for a senior student to work as a Research Assistant in Winnipeg to assist with the project primarily through interviewing participants. See description here: research assistant (2018).


17 January 2018

The research team is looking for a student research assistant in Winnipeg to assist with quantitative components of the project.


17 November 2017

Are you interested to engage in the financial diaries project as a participant? We are recruiting people for the start of phase 1 that will begin in January 2018.


12 October 2017

Project signs contract with Microfinance Opportunites to provide technical assistance for financial diaries. 


12 October 2017

Project hires two research assistants to assist with testing and roll-out of phase one.

We are pleased to announce that we have hired two Research Assistants to assist us with testing and rollout of the financial diaries phase 1: Jodi Dueck-Read and Kriz Cruzado, bio’s below.

  • Jodi Dueck-Read is an instructor of Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College. Instead of fleeing the U.S. in the age of Trump, she moved to Canada when Obama was elected (2009) to complete her PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba. She is passionate about peacebuilding, migrant justice, the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, and all kinds of inclusion.
  • Kriz Cruzado is in her final year of graduate studies at the Canadian Mennonite University, taking Master of Arts in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development. She’s worked with MCC Nepal as Disaster Response Coordinator in 2015-2016 before coming to Winnipeg. She has 12 years of work experience in the Philippines doing field research, writing grant proposals, facilitating peace training and workshops, and directing national peace and development programs across the country.

15 August 2017

Research team looking for student Research Assistant(s) in Winnipeg to assist with the start of the project.


12 June 2017

Research team receives grant from SSHRC!